Northern Westmoreland Ctc

New Kensington , PA

Administrative Assistant

Northern Westmoreland Ctc
New Kensington, PA Full-time
Posted on June 30, 2019

Administrative Assistant

*Secretary to the Administrative Director.

*Maintain Student Files.

*Handle requests for grade transcripts.

*Complete data for student records Enrollment.

*Develop class rosters.

*Enter student data for enrollment and registration into student system.

*Send and maintain letters and medical information forms to new and returning students.

*Furnish instructors with list of students and special information.

*Provide master medical file for emergency medical personnel.

*Enter special needs information in student system.

*Monthly report for director's report.

*Related PDE Reports Report Cards.

*Prepare grade reports.

*Send mid nine weeks reports as directed by instructors.

*Send progress reports Discipline Reports as directed by Director.

*Membership Reports.

*Provide to sending school districts ADM printout, manual back-up and other pertinent data for end-of-year PDE reports for reimbursement.

*Verify and file copies of information submitted by sending schools Receptionist (Backup)

*Lunch duty for receptionist - 1 hour per day Administrative Advisory.

*Prepare agenda and minutes as per Director.

*Setup for meetings Directors Report.

*Prepare as per Director.

* School Calendar.

*Curriculum Guide.

*PIMS Reports.

*Maintain Bus List.

*All other secretarial duties as need by the Director Current applicable clearances required.