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Posted on March 12, 2020

We are looking to fill two position within our company, CNC Swiss Programmer and CNC Mill Programmer. We are a contract manufacturer for precision machining and assemblies with a long history as a preferred supplier to the aerospace, defense and medical device industries – critical components for gas turbine engines, class III implantable devices and surgical instrumentation

Incumbent must be detail oriented, have the ability to multi-task, be self-motivated, work efficiently, possess creativity, have the ability to learn quickly from instruction, works in a timely manner when under pressure, and show consistent dedication to quality manufacturing.

Competitive pay based on experience, quality and productivity

Salary: $32.00 to $38.00 /hour

Job Type: Full-time

Qualifications / Job Requirements

Programming (5 or more year experience desired)

            * Part Maker software* for Swiss Turn Programming

            * Mastercam sofrware* for Mill Programming

- Strong mechanical skills/abilities, **

- Good math skills (Geometry and Trigonometry), **

- Be able to set up and program various CNC equipment,**

- Assure that program and set-up produces acceptable parts **

- Be able to read and interpret blue prints, **

- Cutting tool parameters, **

- Maintain Tolerances**

- Capable of using various inspection equipment (mics, calipers, CMM, Optical Comparators, and Smart Scopes)*

- Ability to set-up various machine tools as required**

- Create and maintain programs and set-up sheets within system.**

- Must be able to work on different types of controls**

- Must be knowledgeable on hand deburring / visually inspect parts in process**

- Experience using JobBoss is a plus**

- Ability to successfully hand off set-ups to operators**

- Ability to manage, monitor, and supervise operators**

- Ability to conduct first article and in-process inspections including visual & scope inspection for burrs, sharp edges and obstructions.**

Key Responsibilities

- Programming

- Instruct operators how to visually inspect parts for damage, burrs, and other cosmetic defects. Parts should be coming off of the machine with minimal hand working necessary.

- Instruct employees on monitoring tool wear and identify when tools need to be changed based on how the part looks.

- Instruct operators so they know they are ultimately responsible for maintaining lube, coolant, and oil levels, pulling chips at the end of every shift, and making sure that your work holders are cleaned of any chips at the end of every shift.

- Instruct operators that is also necessary to perform daily maintenance and sign off Preventive Maintenance book on each machine. It is necessary that the operators stay at their machine as much as possible while it is running.

- Instruct operators on how to identify the correct bar stock / parts to use and make sure that there is sufficient stock/parts for the job.

- Instruct operators to chamfer both ends of each bar prior to loading in bar loader and to clean out mill fixtures prior to loading the next part.

- All employees are to maintain a clean and safe work area throughout the day. At the end of each shift, operators must stop and clean their work area. The last quarter hour of the day should consist of cleaning up the work area. Cleaning the area includes, but is not limited to: the work bench and the machine itself. Also, any used tooling, tooling holders, caps, or tooling cases should be disposed of or put away after use.

- All paperwork needs to be filled out accurately and handled per current ISO regulations. Make sure routers, line reports, material certifications, and any other paperwork pertaining to your job is filled out properly. Employees are responsible for completion and verification of paperwork and part counts.

- The MRP system (Job Boss) is the company’s method of tracking production progress and quoting new jobs based on the times and efficiencies entered by each operator. It is very important that every operator is logging in and out of Job Boss on a daily basis and accurately accounting for the good parts produced as well as any scrap run while logged in on production.

- All operators are to use any necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in required areas. It is also the operator’s responsibility to notify the lead or supervisor if there are any potential hazards on the shop floor. Comply with all company policies, procedures, guidelines and work instructions related to safety, operations or employment. Know and understand the policies in the handbook.

- A programmer may be asked to assist in set-up related tasks.

- You may be called upon to perform a task that is outside your daily scope of duties. Use this as an opportunity to show that you are versatile and a team player within the Company.

- Programmers must instruct operators that they are required to check the parts they are running to the customer supplied print. Also operators are required to and must fill out completely the inspection report 3 times a shift as well as checking the parts for the required frequency as stated on the inspection sheet.

- Awareness of Prevention, Detection & Removal of Foreign Objects (FOD). Storage / handling and shipping processes (i.e., metal chips, shavings, tooling remnants, dirt, oils films, etc.) as well as nature of their design have blind areas or internal passageways where foreign particles could be trapped. Parts are to be * free of burrs, sharp edges (unless specified by drawing) and foreign debris. **

- Prevent introduction of foreign objects into an item. (Debris is defined as residual materials left by the manufacturing

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